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Rent A Car Management System

Rent A Car software designed to automate the management of your fleet especially in a vehicle rental business. The software has a range of unique features that can help a car rental owner to manage their fleet much easier and save time.
Fleet management of various sizes, ranging from smaller ones to those bigger. Unique operational-controlling software available for use by various brands and subsidiaries with a permanent evaluation of effectiveness, profit and other advantages. Easy and intuitive use with immediately visible results. User of the system gets a hold of a modern device for achievement and competitive advantage on the market.

Quick and easy reservation through the form with all the necessary information. The possibility of overlapping terms of the rental is excluded. Accurate recording of mileage and location, detailed insight into all the financial aspects. Printing contracts and invoices directly from the software. A vehicles schedule table will give you the opportunity to use your fleet optimally without undue transporting vehicles from drop-off location to the next pick-up location.

The clients who use our software reorganized their fleet, significantly lowered the cost of operations, increased the number of rentals, thus optimizing the profitability of its business.

Easy-to-use platform.
  • Immediate access from anywhere
  • Effective rolling Fleet management
  • Management dashboard.
  • History of damages
  • Multi Branch system
  • Business growth potential
  • User friendly
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Document Management & Scanning
  • Real-time Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards.

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