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Dealer Management System
A software platform for dealers To leads there industry with


Dealer Management System

What Does a DMS Do?

DMS enable a dealership to perform all the day to day functions their dealership encounters from sales operations, financing operations, service operations and more; it is important that all these functions of a dealership work together. dealers can improve business operations through combining all the tools need into a single platform. With all the daily transactions your dealership encounters in one place, you can more easily run your business and manage your inventory, create point of sale invoices, view service history or follow-up on leads.

All DMS functions are integrated with each other Through the DMS, dealers can manage their entire business in one cloud-based dealership software application allowing business owners to more easily monitor all dealership operations and see the big picture more clearly. The integrations built into the software allows for a streamlined, easy to use exchange of information between all the operational areas of your dealership running through your software.

Financial Management
DMS will be able to automate all areas of accounting, from point of sale to inventory to costing transactions
Sales Management
Sales management features help your salespeople maximize the number of closed deals.
Service Management
DMS service management functionality will increase the efficiency and profitability of your service department.
Spare Part & Inventory Management
Track all the detailed history that was done on any piece of equipment and can be accessed at any moment.
Customer Relation Management
Access up to date customer information from DMC for follow-up customer product (maintenance work, warranty, Customer Support etc.)
Analytics, Reports & Dashboards.
To track dealership data for all departments and generally allow you to maintain a birds-eye view of your dealership’s operations.
All functions are integrated with each other Through the DMS
Customer Relation Management
Customer support are essential features that a DMS should provide. customer management features in a DMS will help salespeople maximize the number of closed deals as soon as possible.
Reports Analytics and Dashboards.
The reporting functions of a good DMS will be able to track dealership data for all departments, pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your dealership, and generally allow you to maintain a birds-eye view of your dealership’s operations.
A dashboard is a visual display of all of your data. While it can be used in all kinds of different ways. In DMS Dashboard showing us basics information and overview in a chart forms.

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